Guardian Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

Guardian Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

The Ultrasoft Blanket - features a sublimated full-blanket simple logo design. Made from lightweight fabric, this blanket will keep you warm without weighing you down. Cozy up, this blanket is big enough to share. Dimensions are 54” X 84”

About Guardian

Guardian is motivated by the love God has for His children. His wings naturally form the shape of a heart as a symbol of this great love. God’s love motivates him to battle evil and defend any child.

Guardian knows that love is what ultimately destroys all fear. Nightmares don't stand a chance when pure love shows up on the scene. His high level skills in combat and the ability to fly at the speed of light don't hurt either. The forces of darkness often can't even see him coming.

Children feel very safe at night with Guardian, especially with his wings of love wrapped around them. Bad dreams and anxiety simply don't stand a chance when Guardian is around.

“Our daughter sleeps so deeply with Guardian that we have to wake her in the morning. She has never been so rested.” – Lonnie and Mary/