Fear Not Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

Fear Not Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

The Ultrasoft Blanket - features a sublimated full-blanket simple logo design. Made from lightweight fabric, this blanket will keep you warm without weighing you down. Cozy up, this blanket is big enough to share. Dimensions are 54” X 84”

About Fear Not! - Suggested Donation of $35

Fear Not! is the largest Angel in the “Angel Foundation”. Not only is he tall, his biceps are bulging with strength and power. He is so quick and strong with his sword that he doesn't even need a shield. He has been known to take out the enemy with just one swipe of his sword.

While Fear Not smiles often, do not be mistaken - protecting children beats strongly in his heart. Night terrors send him into battle. He fights with such intensity that the enemy will usually retreat very quickly. They dare not feel the wrath of Fear Not's sword. Bad dreams and nightmares flee when he comes near. This brings back the smile on his face as children find "sweet sleep" under his protection.