Defender Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

Defender Blanket - Suggested Donation of $35

The Ultrasoft Blanket - features a sublimated full-blanket simple logo design. Made from lightweight fabric, this blanket will keep you warm without weighing you down. Cozy up, this blanket is big enough to share. Dimensions are 54” X 84”

About Defender Blanket - Suggested Donation: $35

Defender stays ready for battle at all times. His sword and shield never leave him. The Lion on the face of his shield is the Source of his strength and there is a roar inside of him that the enemy can hear from far away.

Defender knows that the enemy is trying to find ways to make children scared and afraid by causing bad dreams and nightmares, and Defender takes his mission to guard and protect them very seriously.

When Fear tries to come near a child, Defender springs into action! He is a master with the sword and shield and knows how to defeat the bad guys with ease. Defender is respected as a tremendous warrior and the children that sleep under his watch rest peacefully