Covering Children Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

The Angel Foundation exists in order to provide one of our most unique blankets to people with many different needs. Our blankets have huge, strong and beautiful angel characters on them. See Below and Click Here! Their designs are built around powerful declarations. An example of this is the declaration of “Fear Not”. To a young child, our designs and declarations help them with their current difficulties. They could simply be poor and in need of something to sleep with, that will keep them warm at night. They could be battling nightmares, anxieties or other fear issues. It could be a US Soldier battling PTSD while serving our country. Whatever their circumstances, The Angel Foundation is providing a solution that is helping children get the victory!

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Partners with The Angel Foundation

The Angel Foundation has been approved by St Jude Children’s Research Hospital to give away our angel blankets to the children and families of St Jude’s. Our first event was a tremendous success, in giving away 200 blankets to children and families from all over. The excitement level was high and the families were full of joy when presented with their blankets. Many children opened their blankets immediately and wrapped up “in their angel”. It was a beautiful site. Another event at St Jude’s is already being planned. Your support is helping the children and families of St Jude’s in a wonderful way.

What’s the Secret?

It is really not a secret. Behind every blanket that is given, there is a large offering of prayer on behalf of the child and their family. We believe the truth behind the Scripture found in James 5:16 that states, “the effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much”. We also believe that we are praying to, “Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”. (Ephesians 3:20) God’s love and power are more than enough to help these children with any situation they are facing.

Where Do We Go?

The main arenas we minister within and send our blankets to are:

1.The Inner City – serving the poor and homeless

2. Children’s Hospitals

3. US Military and Their Families – serving active duty soldiers battling PTSD and physical wounds as well as families who have lost a Loved One serving in the military.

When You Get a Blanket We Give!

We hope you love our awesome, angel blankets and want to get them for your home, friends and family. Please know that The Angel Foundation is continually giving our blankets to children in need. So, when you get a blanket you are enabling us to keep giving away blankets to children that desperately need the help. Click here to get the blanket of your choice.

Sponsor A Child

The Angel Foundation needs your help in order to give away a “massive amount” of blankets to children all over the world. You can sponsor each child to receive one of our blankets, with a tax deductible gift of only $35. Please click here to Sponsor Children. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Charitable Purpose

The Angel Foundation is a non-profit, (501C3) organization. IRS Status Your donations are tax deductible and you will be sent a tax receipt. The Angel Foundation also aligns itself with other organizations that provide goods and services to the family as a whole. The blankets provide a basic need and can open the door to serving the family in many other valuable ways.

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